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Adi Ell-Ad is an independent Producer/Film Editor and Commercial Photographer with over two decades of experience in creative film and television production, marketing and post-production.


“Given its limited budget, Kuleana looks sensational,

…and dynamic editing by Adi Ell-Ad.”

“Adi Ell-Ad’s crisp editing…

keep things exciting and add greatly to the feel of discovery

that awaits nearly every scene.”

MT: Did you have filmmaking influences in mind when you made Kuleana?

BK: Adi Ell-Ad, my editor, steps in and tells the story how he sees fit. The final result is a collaboration with Adi.



Adi worked for me as a producer/editor at two different agencies in L.A. spanning nearly 10 years. He always elevated a script and took the storytelling up a notch. Comedy, Drama, Sizzles, you name it,

there's nothing Adi can't do.

Working with Adi has always been a pleasure, both professionally and personally. He is an excellent writer, producer and editor. I would definitely recommend him. He always delivers fantastic work and is just an

all-around great guy!

Adi is a hard worker and a great guy to be around. He is very reliable and I hope to work with him again someday.

Adi's not just an editor, he's an editing guru. He takes great footage and makes it AWESOME. His keen sense of story coupled with his supreme editorial sense for rhythm, makes him an invaluable member to any creative team in film, television and video, short or long form.

Adi is a talented, committed professional

who would be a welcomed addition to any team,

and I am happy to recommend him.

Adi has been an asset to our production company to be able to create and finish with very little EP input. He is a dream to work with from beginning to end.


Adi began his career as an editor at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT, where he worked on The New Drama for Television program, and was mentored by such notable talents as film director George Roy Hill (Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Slaughterhouse Five), television director Andrew Weyman (Roseanne) Broadway director Lloyd Richards and Sundance director/producer Ian Calderon.


His myriad creative editing for on-air campaigns and presentations for studios, network, cable, and syndicated television programming has been instrumental to the success of many TV shows and movies. His credits include work with such notable companies as ABC Network, NBC, 20th Television, Sony Pictures Television, Disney Channel, Lions Gate, WGN, PBS Kids Sprout and more. Projects include the launch of “King of Queens” into syndication with more than 400 promos for SPT; the “Alias” syndication launch for Buena Vista Television; “Malcolm in the Middle”, “The Bernie Mac Show” and “Family Guy” for 20th Television; DVD Extras for “Ugly Betty”, “Camp Rock” and “The Hoax” for Disney; and last (before leaving Hollywood), a mega campaign for Disney Channel’s new number one show, “Shake It Up”.

Before plunging deep into the promo world, Adi edited 96 episodes for the first three seasons of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, the highest rated children’s show in the nation’s television history to date.

Adi’s an artistic story-telling Editor and Photographer who brings originality to every project, derived from years of working on both long and short form projects and taking them to the next level. Every project has its own unique story, which Adi writes with his tools of choice: A camera and the editing bay.

Adi is currently based on Maui, where he’s planted roots for the last 9 years.
Living on Maui, Adi found his “Kuleana” (def. responsibility) with the local film community and a collaboration with Director Brian Kohne.
As part of the plan of bringing yet another perspective to one's experience,
Adi is teaching Film Editing and Photography at UH Maui - Creative Media Dept.
He’s available to offer you Creative Storytelling and Marketing through
Video and Photography for your next project.
Please click to view and download Adi Ell-Ad’s resume


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